Death In Slow Motion

by This Evil

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Recorded July 2012-March 2013
at locations (including but not limited to)
Farmesan Records - Tecumseh, Kansas
Exceptions Studios - Topeka, Kansas


released October 11, 2013

Ross Williams - Guitars and Vocals
Dave Liston - Drums
Zach Carr - Bass on 9
Nate Seitz - Bass on Tracks, 1-3, 6, 8, 11
Jason Adams - Cardboard Box on 9
Randy Wills - Timpani on 4

Mixed by Jason Adams and Randy Wills
Produced by Jason Adams

Copyright (C) 2013 Panoramic Records



all rights reserved


This Evil Topeka, Kansas

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Track Name: Talent
All you can do is try to steal for more
Don't tell a soul if it's not yours
Your mother wants to save you
You should listen to your mother

If you don't got it, you can't get it
Now pay attention, you can't miss it
Can't be uncertain behind the curtain
everybody knows, everyone's a judge

Can't leave until you've got it just right
Stay inside all day and night
Satisfaction's always fleeting
but it keeps an earnest heart beating

It's beating now
Time is floating around I want more
Track Name: Be Who You Want to Be
Who cares about expectations,
Or if I'm right or wrong
I just have to get what I want:
To lift the weight off my heavy heart
They say the only way it's gonna happen for me

Is to...
Be who you want to be

Your friends from yesterday
Are not here today
The ones still close to you
Are changing with you
There's nothing that will change for you
Don't hold on thinking there's something to lose

Just be who you want to be
Track Name: Ready to Start
I'd been mining for a diamond just as pure as my heart's intent
It was rough it was ugly when I held it in my hand
What should I do now? What should I do?
Don't tell anyone, no one could ever understand

That this is alive, this is being born
This is the crowning moment
I see the past, I'm pulling away
I'm ready to start

Oh I wish and cry and I curse the people's greedy needs
But there's little I can say I didn't see coming
Jealousy, and confusion
Everyone wants something they don't understand
Track Name: The First Time I Saw the World
I'm alone, what am I doing here?
Adding superficial anchors to an earnest heart
I don't know if anyone thinks about it
I'm not the only ghost to float through a life unlived
Looking at the past, I was sleeping
Self-righteously dreaming, when I could make any change
But change won't come to those who wait
Change will come to meet you when you wake
Track Name: Who Made Your Mind?
I'm holding a sign, I want you to know
You should pay attention, to where this spirit goes
People whisper like I'm gone
In their heads I'm wasted just like the last one

What can I do when next to you I'm a heretic
And there is nothing I can say
that would make you unconvinced
You will never be your hero if you're too reverent
Not knowing who made your mind

And now I'm walking the streets
like I've got no legacy
This is a battleground,
Where shots from falling clouds are raining down
The rocket's glare is everywhere
My ears ring from the orders I receive
This is the only way I'll understand how my life has meaning

The magic is there and I think you know
It moves the dead when you let it go
Hysteria's real, if you believe
Your idols live by your irony
Track Name: God and Crime
I'm ordering a rapture for every business built on fear
They give us violence, and guns to go
So all we see is smoke and mirrors

And this is why we have god and crime
We can't pick a side along the line of fire
So everyday I feel so much older
So much like a soldier
God and crime

We're all holding our hearts in our chest
Wait and see what happens to the rest
I don't want to be on my own
When I'm barely, barely dirt and bone

These hustlers, they say they've always got the right
Isn't it obvious they know they're wrong?
That they are the facade!
Track Name: War
Close my eyes to white light and my ears start to ring
The general commands his army
The looks of soldiers, guns on shoulders
From his position, a field of apparitions
Their faces look just like mine
They barely know a smile
I entered the war a for a just cause
Now I'm rusted to the gears in its mechanical arm
Something in civilian life
Brings me back here all the time
Drowning out the desperate lies
From all sides
Track Name: Autodestruct
In my mind
I'm a fragile machine
Unable to deny
Circuits' electricity

Assembled by the facade only to destroy
Controlled by shock and awe, the word of the law

I need attention, technicians
Operating conditions
Silent gears are rusting
The machinists are adjusting
Now you plug into their source of power
With every piece of new technology
When the transitions through what will they do
With all these robots and dead things?

There's only one way to make room for what's new
Track Name: Death in Slow Motion, Part One
It's a weird time for me.
I try to explain that I'm not ready
I'm shaking while I speak
But nothing I say seems to come from me
I might have to follow the light
To see if I can get in control
But now I don't know
I feel myself falling
I hear a voice cross the ether
My inner speaker whispers gentle words into my ear
That I should unwind there is nothing to fear
That no shadows have dropped me from the gallows
That destiny is nothing but a trick I play out of time
To occupy my mind
I don't know I feel myself falling
From the gallows
Fading shapes and shadows
Back to the ether
Says my inner speaker
Take me to the light
Take me to the light